From deep space satellite tracking antennas to more mobile telemetry or video transmitting stations, we do offer a wide range of customized products for your needs. Our line of antennas can be augmented with various peripherals and sub-systems such as Telemetry Transmitters, Amplifiers & Boosters, Multiplexers and huge variety of other Data.

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A geostationary satellite or geosynchronous orbit (GEO) is a satellite that is synched with the orbit of the Earth. Such satellites are placed at 35,786km above the Earth’s equator. At this height, a satellite is orbiting at exactly the same rate as the Earth is spinning (11,000km/hr!), so the ground is stationary below it. Consequently, the. SuperAntennaz is an antenna rotator designed for satellite traking. It can support more than 10kg of antenna, orientate them really fast (close to 30 deg. /s) and in its final version, it is very simple to reproduce. It is therefore perfect to be built, modified, and improved by the community of space HAM enthusiasts all over the world. Magna Parva wants to use this technique, called pultrusion, to make antennas for satellites in its planned Kleos constellation, a geolocation network that.

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The python class SatTrack is the main interface. It does the following things: Load satellite TLE data from file / parse web sources for it. Track satellite position in real or sped up time. Predict next pass (or next n passes) Controll antenna using servo motors via serial port - arduino interface. Visualize satellite position using a web. You wish to control the elevation of the satellite-tracking antenna shown in Figs. 3.61 and 3.62. The antenna and drive parts have a moment of inertia J and a damping B; these arise to some extent from bearing and aerodynamic friction, but mostly.

Spot Trace has a low-cost option, which is great as an anti-theft device. Not only can you track the location of your boat, car, or whatever asset you’ve placed the tracker on, from your online SPOT account, but the tracker will send you an email if it detects new movement. It operates in temperatures ranging from -22 degrees to 140 degrees. An azimuth-elevation-tilt pedestal, shown in Figure 4 , is an azimuth-elevation pedestal with the addition of a third axis. The tilt axis is perpendicular to the elevation axis. This type of pedestal is sometimes called a three-axis pedestal. At high elevations the elevation and tilt axes are used together to allow full hemispherical tracking. GS-100 is the most affordable but with very high performances antenna tracking system for satellite communication that we designed to support antennas up to 100 kg in weight and 3 meter diameter. GS-100 is the best antenna tracking system if you search for a device with a very affordable price but with high precision and reliability also in.

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ST2-USB is an advanced Satellite Antenna Tracking Interface for Yaesu (Or similar) Rotor Controllers based on LVB Tracker Firmware. Project uses PIC16F976A, 28PIN DIP. Firmware uses full A/D and EEprom capability of 876A and make setup a smooth process. ST2-USB measures 140x80mm and is designed on a double sided PTH board. To move up to the linear satellites an azimuth-elevation controlled antenna is almost a necessity. There is a huge jump in cost and complexity to move up to this level. ... The controller receives data from a satellite tracking program like the excellent SatPC32 in Yaesu GS-232 controller format. Yaesu has published the details of their GS-232. Build a Helix Antenna. After using a 12 x 12 el. crossed Yagi on 2m. for a year or so for satellite work, mainly AO-13, AO-10, UO-22 and KO-25. I decided to construct a helix to make some comparisons. At this stage I suggest that you read my article on “A Satellite Tracking Antenna” to get an idea on how the antenna is mounted.

HAM RADIO: Building a magnetic loop antenna; Ham Radio Off-Grid | Winter Field Day; Tape Measure Yagi Beam Antenna; DIY Multi-band Vertical Antenna; 2 el/2m Quad home made antenna for ham radio; Ham Radio: Your First HF Antenna; Long Wire Antenna Build; Build a 2M Yagi for Emergencies (and Fun!) 5 Tips for Ham Radio Antennas Builders; Satellite.

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